“Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.”  – Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.

I believe what we cannot see, but feel deeply in our bones, will drag us to the finish line. Teams are belief factories where we bring all of our selves. There are no rules or structure, other than what we create. And, there is no way to create structure without all of our bias, superstitions, blind spots, and monsters coming out to play.

Turning corners together into what we can produce, and a dynamic which moves, takes unity. Unity requires risk taking together. By creating group exercises that show the group dynamic.

There are very important advances in psychology, neurobiology, cognitive science and emotional intelligence which have a direct impact on the products and service we make. Team assessments, personal cognition and intelligence tests can make piles of data without the direct practice of looking, listening, study and change. Consultation can excite a team or reveal where there is drag. Needing a guiding hand toward collaboration and unity in a live or remote team can be the tipping point in the flow of the team dynamic.



Reveal and confront tensions

Unity and collaboration

Whole view of the use of emotional intelligence on the team

Connecting the product or service to the team’s development



Praxis: We study the process and psychological function of the team.

Coaching: We create a coaching forum on the team and I mentor in coaching skills.

Integral Psychology: Assessment, methods, group and individual exercises are all from a holistic perspective.

School: There is a study component to the consultation. I teach flow, mindfulness technique, and team communication.



How we meet:

We can schedule time to discuss your (organization’s) needs over the phone, in person in my office, on Skype or through an on-site or in-home visit.  Let’s talk about what option fits best for you.

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