Individual therapy outlook


When people say ‘therapy,’ we still think that there is a crazy person who needs to go to the doctor.  At the same time, we are reaching for new ways to develop ourselves, based on old ways of seeing the world.  In contemporary life we need a safe place to secure our psychological growth.  Therapy can be a positive place to make a trusted relationship with someone who has the expert knowledge to support you while you develop your resilience.

I was trained in psychotherapy and became licensed as a marriage and family therapist in California.  Psychotherapy is an open-ended process that is based on talk – I use a traditional psycho-dynamic approach to talk therapy, and I am informed by years of working with people of all ages, in play therapy (expression and games).  We begin by meeting at least once a week, and continue with the focus of a collaborative goal that we create.  Many people find this way of caring for themselves rewarding.

Starting your therapy is a personal decision and takes guts and motivation.  Many people find that doing some research or asking others about their experience in therapy very helpful.  A great resource for therapy is Good Therapy.  There are many pages dedicated to explaining how therapists are trained and what to expect from a therapist that really knows their stuff.  Take a look at some of the links that describe different kinds of therapy and give yourself and chance to shop through what you might need.



Perspective shift – Longer term view, rather than crisis therapy.

Self awareness – Cultivated self reflection.

Acceptance – Recognition of multiple selves and wholeness.  Empathy.  Looking at how things work, instead of how they fall apart.

New behavior and action – Developed whole self habits.  Positive focus on your system.  Longer term view, rather than focus on crisis therapy.

Emotional intelligence – A developed capacity to sense, regulate, and express your emotions with yourself and in your interpersonal relationships.


How we meet:

We can schedule time to begin therapy over the phone, in person in my office, on Skype or through an on-site or in-home visit.  Let’s talk about what option fits best for you.


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