Relationship Counseling


Some couples use therapy as a way of being pro-active, helping them to maintain a healthy relationship ~ other couples are seeking to resolve a troubled relationship.  Many people come from a family outside the norm, “normal” has rapidly changed.  And most, are desperately seeking support in areas of their relationship where even 20 years ago, there was no general education on how to form intimacy or a marriage.

Relationships are a bridge to deep personal growth and sometimes a place of uncertainty and confusion that does not match our outer lives.  Using couple’s therapy, or counseling, is an opportunity to see ourselves clearly and learn the needed skills for contact.  Relationship counseling with a supportive professional can be safe, effective and fun.

Therese had the privilege of training in couple’s therapy from great sources such as the Gottman Institute, Dr. Sue Johnson, and others who focus on Positive Psychology and Attachment Theory; all while being emerged in the dynamic and diverse Bay Area.  Her expertise in couples who bond over many cultures, countries, and marriages leaves her in high demand, in the Baltic Region.  And, for this reason, Therese will collaborate with you to find the best possible goal for your relationship counseling.



Effective Communication. Being able to express what you want and need is necessary for the development of an honest relationship. Effective communication is also about being a skillful listener, and offering understanding and interest in another perspective.

Deepen Trust. Trust is the foundation for any successful partnership. People in trusting relationships seek input from one another and they allow each other to be who they are.

Develop Joy and Appreciation. Intentional appreciation and friendship supports the couple in being open to new ideas and new ways of exploring the relationship, thus keeping the connection alive and fresh.

Increase Respect. Partners who respect one another value the other opinion in the partnership and are open to listening to what is being conveyed. Respect is about being willing to negotiate.


Specific Types of Couples or Topics

Gay Couples Counseling or LGBT Identity

Bi-cultural Couples

Living Internationally

Commitment preparation

Ending a relationship

Blended Families

One Partner Returning to Career Focus

Extended Family Health

Family Business

Adult Children Relationships

Professional Relationships, Partnerships


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